The Group


Id Mep offers a wide range of design and consulting services in both the public and private sectors, with particular expertise in electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems.

In detail, the services include:

  • Project Charter – Assistance in defining the project initiation document
  • Project Management – Project planning, direction, and coordination during execution, monitoring and control, project closure
  • Electrical Systems
    • Design of electrical and technological systems
    • Design of electricity distribution systems at medium and low voltage
    • Design of home automation systems for residential buildings
    • Design of home automation systems for the tertiary and industrial sectors (building automation)
    • Design of indoor and outdoor lighting systems (light designer)
    • Design of fire detection and alarm systems according to UNI 9795
    • Design of emergency sound diffusion systems (EVAC)
    • Design of safety lighting systems
    • Design of data network systems
    • Design of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems
    • Design of intrusion alarm systems
    • Design of protection systems against atmospheric discharges
  • Mechanical and Hydraulic Systems
    • Design of air conditioning systems characterized by a heat transfer fluid:
    • Water (fan coil unit systems)
    • Air (ducted systems with high or low speed/pressure, systems with temperature differential variation, multi-zone systems, and dual-channel systems)
    • Mixed (induction systems, radiant panel systems with primary air, fan coil units with primary air)
    • Production of hot domestic water
    • Supply and discharge of hot and cold domestic water
    • Supply and distribution of combustible gas
    • Water treatment
  • Fire prevention systems
  • Renewable energy systems:
      • Design of photovoltaic systems
      • Design of air-condensed heat pump systems
      • Design of solar panel systems
      • Design of solar cooling systems
      • Design of heat recovery systems for expelled air
      • Design of geothermal systems
      • Design of cogeneration and trigeneration systems
      • Design of biomass systems
  • Contract management, scheduling, and administration
  • Comparison and evaluation of bids
  • Management of procurement procedures
  • Site management and supervision
  • Planning, organization, and management of construction activities
  • Accounting control and progress monitoring
  • Assistance with system testing and commissioning
  • Consultancy and related procedures for the connection of photovoltaic systems
  • Consultancy and technical assessments on existing systems
  • Consultancy for evaluating structural protection from lightning strikes
  • Energy-saving consultancy for assessing alternative solutions through value analysis (cost/benefit)
  • Consultancy on building thermal insulation
  • Fire prevention consultancy
  • Consultancy for the classification of environments with explosion hazard (ATEX)
  • Consultancy for the improvement and regulatory compliance of existing systems
  • Consultancy and technical support for plant engineering in the instructional and verification activities of design levels for private entities
  • Consultancy and technical support for plant engineering in the instructional and verification activities of design levels for validation purposes for public entities (Art. 26 of the Public Procurement Code)

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